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Fire in the Heart

20 professional artists working in the art forms that saved their lives: gospel, hip hop, classical music; spoken word, dance, poetry and film.  Preparing for tour after two sold-out performances in Long Beach and Santa Cruz, CA.

Complete film available, contact deb@gotyourbackcreative.com

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Good Times Article about Jane, the Movie.

JANE, The Movie

Fifteen-year-old JANE STEWART loves all things theater, obscure jokes, and her best friend. A traumatic event explodes her world, and a journey begins…one that takes her far from home, and back again. Jane holds fiercely to an inner thread – where poetry, music and real friends can save her life.


film script


Leonard Cohen Saved My Life

(feature screenplay) explores how the inner life of a 15-year-old girl becomes that thread – how music and poetry anchor her in the face of sexual violence, family upheaval, and change she cannot control: sexual and political revolution in America.

Leonard Cohen Saved My Life carries the story of JANE backwards in time, and explores the life of a fifteen-year old girl in 1969 California,  during a time when sexual assault was almost never talked about,  and most girls took it on as their own fault, issue,  and silence.  

Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship Evaluation