Fire In The Heart

Fire in the Heart

is an evening of performance that includes 20 performers speaking in the art forms that saved their lives - a community of artists committed to changing the way we experience trauma and strengthen community resilience.  The two-hour production Includes gospel, hip hop, classical music, dance, poetry, film, theater, and autobiography.

Fire in the Heart was created with the intention of developing inner resilience in times of chaotic change and overload. The production explores how the arts create new useful responses not just for people who have experienced trauma, but for a larger culture that is constantly being over stimulated through our access to world events and horrific visual imagery. 

Conceived of by screenwriter (JANE, the movie) and educator Deborah Allen, the piece calls together artists whose art forms were a lifeline during times of traumatic change (rape, cancer, family trauma, war, death and violence).  Now joined by actor and musician Delores Burgess as co-director, Ms. Allen and Ms. Burgess, working with fiscal sponsor From The Heart Productions, are creating a prototype for a traveling performance that can be re-created in other communities, with local partners.

In March 2016,  FIRE IN THE HEART joined forces with Cabrillo College Theatre Arts Department for their World Theatre Night, in the 500 seat Crocker Theater.  We sold out the house to standing ovations, included over 25 Gold and Affiliate local sponsors, reached approximately 6,000 community members with our mailing lists, plus the readership of local media (up to 500,000)... with a simple direct message: the arts create healing for all kinds of trauma - personal and cultural. We are setting out to (1) increase community understanding of the value of the arts as a resource for community health and repair;  (2) educate the community about how healing happens using the arts; and how the arts serve as a tool in crisis or "limbic nervous system overwhelm"; (3) create a powerful performance that increases audience understanding of the wide reaching potential of all of the arts; (4) model successful cross-fertilization between several community organizations all lined up with a similar message and goal.

            Artists involved in  FIRE IN THE HEART include Deborah Allen (director, producer and screenwriter); recording artist Delores Burgess (Atlanta, director, actor, gospel singer), musical director Stephan Terry (Los Angeles), hip hop recording artists Chris and Gina Rene (Santa Cruz) and The Luminaires (Los Angeles); choreographers Chantal Robson (Los Angeles) and Stevie McKim (Monterey); actors and poets, cellist and recording artist Lisa Lancaster; Rabbi Eli Cohen, Nigerian opera singer Akindele Bankole; and author of True North, Tom North.

Building a Healing Event in Your Community

An important evening of discovery and healing for your conference, community, corporation, and other social venues

We are prepared as both artists and counselors to help create an event that incorporates and includes your local artists and sponsors, and the specific needs of your project.

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